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Pre and Postnatal Bodywork

Prenatal Massage ($135 initial/$100 follow up)

Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy® for the prenatal period.

Treatments in the 2nd and 3rd trimester help to create balance in your body and mind as you adjust to a changing physical and spiritual landscape. Sessions include a full body massage that is tailored to exactly what you need to help support whatever is going on in your body in the moment. 
I also use specific techniques passed down through the Arvigo® lineage to:
  • Ease the tension of the uterine ligaments that accommodate a growing belly
  • Stabilize the pelvic ligaments to ease lower back and hip pain,  common complaints due to the hormonal and structural changes in pregnancy
  • Improve venous return 
  • Reduce edema or swelling
  • Reduce lymphatic congestion which can improve hormonal symptoms like fatigue and "brain fog"
"Due Window" treatments (36-42 weeks) focus on bringing the baby into alignment with the pelvis and balancing the uterine ligaments to allow baby to assume a great position for birth. We shift the focus on the pelvic ligaments from stabilizing to mobilizing so that baby has the most room possible for a straight forward and easeful birth. Did you know that the sacrum should be able to lift up out of the way to create up to 30% more space in the pelvis during birth? Don't worry, we also do the snore on the table, melt out of the room feel good stuff too. 
Prenatal Treatments are especially great for:
  • Those who are nervous about position of baby
  • History of breech or malposition
  • Anxiety about the labor process
  • Injury to tailbone before or during pregnancy
  • Those with a hypertonic pelvic floor
*Preliminary studies done by the Arvigo® Institute have shown that women who received regular Arvigo® mayan abdominal massage during pregnancy had shorter early, active and pushing phases of labor, had less instances of malposition in babies in the third trimester and reduced the instances of post term (>42 weeks) pregnancies. 

Postpartum Massage and Sealing Treatment ($150)
Postpartum treatments consist of an hour and a half of nourishment from a global perspective. I incorporate traditional therapies from Morocco, Russia, Mexico and Traditional Asian Medicine. I offer full body + abdominal massage to guide the uterus and other pelvic and abdominal organs back into their rightful home after a lengthy displacement. Moxibustion, a warming technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine is used over the uterus and sacrum to add heat to center of the body and help the ligaments shrink back to a non-pregnant length.  I end with a "closing of the bones" or "7 locks" which is a deep pressure sealing treatment found in many cultures around the world. You can find resources below if you want to learn more. 

*This treatment is for those who are at least one month and up to a few decades postpartum. It's not too late to honor your body in this way. 
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