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Well Woman Care

Well Woman care with a licensed midwife is a little different...
  • Physicals

  • Pap Smears

  • Breast Exams

  • Thyroid and preconception bloodwork

  • STI screenings

  • IUD removal

During your appointment, we spend 30-60 minutes tending to your physical and emotional health. 

Most of the hour is spent hearing about your individual concerns or health intentions and creating a feasible plan to nourish your whole self.  I use nutrition recommendations, fertility cycle connection and awareness,  bodywork, lifestyle changes, traditional use of herbs and nervous system regulation techniques for a holistic approach. 

My philosophy is that our bodies have innate wisdom and are designed for health. However, due to disconnection from the natural rhythms of our bodies, carrying toxic burdens, nervous system dysregulation, years of Band-Aid medicine and making ideology based vs biology based decisions, sometimes we get a little lost along the way. My goal is that you leave the appointment feeling empowered, connected, nourished and resourced. 
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